Shareholders, Management & Staff


Controls 30% of the Lehmann Nutrition Products CC


MR JAMES HENRY MICHAEL LEHMANN (CEO of Lehmann Brands South Africa)

  • (Ethnomed) NQF Level 5 Practitioner
  • BSc Human Nutrition
  • BSc Hons Analytical Cosmetic Chemistry)

Controls 70% of the Lehmann Nutrition Brand in South Africa & 100% of the Lehmann Skincare Brand, he also holds degrees and courses in the Institute for Natural Health (Ethnomed) NQF Level 5, Muscle & Bone Palpation & Manipulation Therapy, Dry Needling Acu-Puncture & Triggerpoint Specifics, Qualified Reiki Master, TUI NA Chinese Massage Techniques, America Massage Therapy Association - Honorary member, Natural Healers Association – Professional Member, Health Products Association – Professional Member, and more. Also rated as one of the best SPA Graders in the world, writing detailed reviews for governing & rating structures.


ISABEL MARIA LEHMANN (Chief of Operations, Lehmann Brands)

Controls 30% of the Lehmann Nutrition Brand in South Africa



  • Natasha Sprout (Office Co-Ordinator, Lehmann Nutrition)
  • Tessa De Klerk (Debtors, Lehmann Nutrition & Debtors, Dr Lehmann Practice)
  • Patricia Marishane (Laboratory)
  • Peter Legong (Laboratory & Maintenance)
  • Tumelo Moeketsane (Office Clerk)
  • Violet Marishane (Laboratory & Packing)
  • Stephine NKadimeng (Domestic Worker)
  • Stephen Masuku (Gardener)

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