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Lehmann Brands can be divided in the following components:

Dr Susan Lehmann Practice, who handles and serves all patients that require blood tests on amino acid and other deficiencies, this is the start of our famous personal supplementation service.

Lehmann Nutrition Products

  1. Manufacturing of the personal supplement formulated by Dr Lehmann according to the blood test results of the nutritional and metabolic deficiencies.
  2. Manufacturing of a broad based wide selection of own range products, according to the needs of our patients, clients and walk-ins
  3. Products in Intestinal Health, Protein Shakes, Collagen, Digestion, Detoxify, Multi Supplements, Multivitamins, Anti-Arthritis Packages, PH Balance, Diabetes Assistance, Anti-Cancer, Energy Supplements, Human Growth Hormone, Mental & Cognitive Health, Mobility, Muscle Health, Joint Health, Nerve Health, Immune Boosters, Slimming, ADD & ADHD, Fibre, Migraine & Nausea Assistance, Candida Removal, Organ Health, Sun-care, Herbals, Minerals, Vitamins, Ulcer Reducers, Bladder Health, Gallbladder Health, Single Amino Acids, and more.
  4. Contract Manufacture for other firms, consulting, formulations, development, manufacture, bulk pack, retail packaging, delivered
  5. Training on nutrition & nutrient deficiencies, supplementation processes on becoming healthy and living healthy.
  6. Leaders in Protein Shake development for specific needs, slimming, muscle building, muscle ripping, stamina, endurance, speed etc. we can optimize the client’s needs in extreme detail.
  7. Imported Products like Omega 3 soft-gels from Germany, CLA & CLA with Green Tea.

Lehmann Skin Care Company

  1. Complex Handmade multi peptide Nano-technology Skin Structure repair products, made to special requirements.
  2. Collagen & Keratin Based solutions.
  3. Sourcing, supply and sale of some of the rarest Essential oils in the world.
  4. Essential Oil Sales from 100ml and up.
  5. Contract Manufacture for other Skin-Care companies, we consult, formulate, stability tests, manufacture, package and deliver
  6. Training of Essential oils and more.
  7. Our Range includes: Soaps, Washes, Gel Cleansers, Fizz Balls, Exfoliators, Scrubs, Skin Rescue Products, Collagen & Keratin based products, Hyaluron Boosters, Rooibos Extract Products, Bath Milk & Oils, Beard Oils, Home made spices, Fragrances, Perfumery, Room Spray & Enhancers, Candle Burners, Steri-Products, Massage Candles, and more.

James Lehmann

  1. Specializes in Nano-Technology Skin Structure Repair products through Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin-C and other materials.
  2. International contacts in Essential oils and other oil related materials, sourcing etc.
  3. Formulatory specialist in Nutrition and Skin-Care.

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