Manufacturing Sites, Facilities & Practices


Manufacturing Sites & Company Facilities

Lehmann Nutrition Products self manufacture around 85% of their products, 100% of contract manufacture, our laboratory complies with GMP regulations, and have strict hygiene and standards processes and protocols.

Lehmann Skin-Care Co. self manufacture around 20% of all their products and 80% is outsourced, Lehmann formulates and Oversee most processes in both in-house and outsourced development phases, all skin-care manufacture adhere to all standards and processes and protocols.

Lehmann has very strict quality control guidelines, and daily spot check are been completed.

Main Office, the main office at Waverley Pretoria, has our In-House Laboratory as well as the headquarters for Dr Lehmann Practice, Lehmann Nutrition Products as well as Lehmann Skin-Care, with a product shop available.

Satellite Office, our secondary office at Olympus Pretoria was opened 11 September 2017, with the Idea of having a Pretoria Branch Practice for Dr Lehmann with a small shop facility, this office will also maintain conferences and seminars.

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