SINCE ’99, Our history line of company’s and Trade names started in 1999. Full integration of the Lehmann as its own entity started in 2006 with full ownership of our brand. Dr Susan Lehmann has over 40 years of experience in the field of Personal Nutrition & Amino Acid based supplementation. Mr James Lehmann has 17 years’ experience in Nutrition & Skin-Care specializing in Nano Skin Structure repair.

In the 1980’s Dr Lehmann saw that Amino Acids plays a massive role in the animal kingdom, she together with Experts at Technicon Pretoria does research on the effect of amino acids on various animals and human’s back in those days there were only a handful of people that even knew what an amino acid is and that is the building block for Protein synthesis.

They opened a full-fledged laboratory, with expensive scientific machines to test and research various aspects of Amino Acids in blood and urine samples.

In the 1990’s Dr Lehmann became head of this Laboratory, and started doing tests on a micro biologist level to determine shortages and deficiencies of nutrients in the human body, at this stage she was only the second person in the world with this knowledge and expertise, this test became so popular, people wanted to see how they could become healthier and live more optimally, she had closed business relationships with the Blue Bulls Rugby, Dr Sterna Frantzen, Dr Alta Smit (Now in Canada), HPC in Hatfield (High Performance Centre), Dr Philda De Jager and many more. Carte Blanche a popular South African multimedia and journalist program hosted on DSTV made a program of her success and nutritional breakthrough.

In 1998 and 1999 She started Molecular Health Services and Resigned at Technikon Pretoria now TUT, due to better opportunities in testing for nutrient shortages, she now used the Laboratories of what is now called the University of the North West (Potchefstroom Campus) under Department Management of Prof. Japie Mienie, this became a huge success and became a national phenomenon, named by Carte Blanche as Health in a Bottle. People could now replenish the body to become healthy, to live with reduced risk of sickness, disease and fragility.

In 2003 Dr Lehmann and two Investors started a company called Custom Nutrition Technologies, and Molecular Health Services ceased to exist and became dormant, this period was bad for Dr Lehmann as the investors tried to steal her Knowledge, when this failed the company slowly became bankrupt, with huge debts. The two investors sold their shares for next to nothing, Dr Lehmann stayed on as 90% shareholder and James Lehmann her youngest son started at the company with 10% shareholding.

In 2006 Custom Nutrition Technologies, Lehmann has built a reputable company again after rising from the ashes, most of the debt sorted and going strong.

In 2008 Lehmann Cosmetic Company was born, with doing consulting work and by starting a small range of cosmetics & skin-care, this became a huge success and by 2009 Lehmann Cosmetics was renowned for getting some of the rarest essential oils, getting Licenses to sell, White Flower oil etc. and to formulate one of the best Sinus Remedy Essential Oils in the world, still sold to many customers worldwide today.

Lehmann Cosmetic Company was 100% owned by James Lehmann

In 2010 Lehmann Nutrition Products was born and remains a strong leader in personal supplementation. Dr Lehmann wanted to scale down and has 30% Shares in this company and James Lehmann has 70% shares, she would still be running her practice as a separate entity. Lehmann Nutrition partly existed with Custom Nutrition Technologies (CNT), CNT closed its doors on the 4th of February 2012.

Since those days in 2010, Lehmann Nutrition Products and Lehmann Cosmetic Co. functions as strong entities with consultancy and development work done for some of the world’s leading skin-care, nutrition, sports nutrition companies.

In 2016 The name Lehmann Cosmetics Co. changed to Lehmann Skin-Care Co. as a more Skin-Care orientated company emerged. Today specializing in Nano Technology Skin Structuring & Peptide based solutions.

Today Lehmann is on the fore front of Nutritional Product Development and Peptide Technologies.

Dr Lehmann still remains as one of the top Nutrient Deficiency specialists in the world, and ranked No.1 in South Africa, she consults on a regular basis to some of the world’s largest Nutritional firms on Information, research and development.


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