Company Overview


Due to the fact that Dr Susan Lehmann has always been a part of the Lehmann name, we can honestly say that Lehmann and any of it’s past companies and affiliates has been solely responsible for personalized supplementation for over 40 Years.

We still remain the market leader in Personalized Nutrition in Africa, being the only company who can finely tune this service to a sub-cellular leavel.

Lehmann Nutrition Products is a nutritional company that firmly base its expertise on targeted scientific blood analyses that result in highly personalised nutritional solutions.

Thorough research went into developing a general product range focusing on specific population groups. Deficiencies in these groups were identified and lead to the development of specific products to address certain problems. Our natural nutritional supplements consist of amino acids, minerals, vitamins, live probiotica, fatty acids, anti-oxidants and life x-tension nutrients.

Our products are directed at rectifying dysfunctions at cellular level ranging form diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular health, blood pressure support, attention deficit disorders (ADD), ADHD, chronic fatigue, acne, prostate problems, arthritis, intestinal problems, pH imbalances, hypertension, infertility, skin issues, vision, hearing etc.

Early warning signs can be detected and identified, before it can cause serious health problems at a later stage in life.

Our company focusses on optimising health on a cellular level and by doing this we can help you optimise life from the root of the problem. We do not fix the condition, we fix the root of the condition. This concept is very important when supplements are taken.

We do specific analysis testing to see which nutrients you are deficient in and we don’t supplement unnecessary nutrients that your body has sufficient amounts of. This is where we are different from the rest - we only supply what is needed.

Lehmann is a well-known name in nutritional and cosmetic development in South Africa, we tend to lead where other follow, we lead by example, creating quality and expertise in a lifestyle that demands perfection.

We demand quality through precision and due to our remarkable success, we lead a industry where natural health is the way forward, we create supplemented product masterpieces to help you, our valued client to become healthy and wealthy in our daily rushed lifestyle.

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